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Who we are, and why you should hire us

History takes us back to 2007,  when Top Floor Solution Co Founder Daniel Roldán Started working with his father doing floor maintenance in Medellín,Colombia mainly for residences. Initially the company started with marble and terrazo, and a couple years after came the hardwood and concrete floors. By the year 2012 the company started to position its self as the best option. 

By 2014 the company acquaried industrial equipment to provide business, industrial and governmental services. In 2017 the company was positioned as the best option for industrial services with the best equipment. In year 2020 the Company expanded to other cities of colombia like Bogota and Cali, we also added Microcement and Epoxy as part of our services. In 2022 Colombian company JyD Acabados is executing around 40.000 sqft every month in floor maintenance and construction of new floors. ( if you would like to learn about our parent company go to )

In the year 2022 we decided to bring all of our knowledge and expertise to Miami, Florida. A place that Daniel called home beteween the years 1997 and 2000. This new venture was possible to accomplish by joining forces with Matt, Co Founding partner that actually lives in Miami and has been working with floors for the last 8 years.

We hope we can work with you in your proyects!

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