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Venetian Plaster in miami

If you are looking for a new and original finish for your home,restaurant, office there is no doubt that Venetian plaster is the best choice. It is a technique that achieves a unique result that is difficult to achieve with other methods. This is the main reason why this personalized wall finish is one of the biggest finishing trends these days.


Venetian Plaster in miami is what we call a finish obtained by painting colors in fine-grained paste. This composition contains natural lime, marble dust, gypsum and natural pigments. In addition, thanks to the materials used in its manufacture, it is a technology that lasts a long time. Another great advantage of Venetian stucco is that you can find it in any color, so you just have to choose the one that suits you best and that's it. Aesthetically, the result you will get is quite similar to marble. It usually has a positive visual effect on whoever sees it, because they feel that they are in a place good taste and elegance. For all these reasons, Venetian plaster is an excellent choice for ceilings and walls.


Do you want to know more about this incredible technology? Keep reading! What is Venetian plaster? This is mainly composed of lime dust, slaked lime, very fine marble dust, and natural coloring pigments. If a few years ago it was mixed in a traditional way, now thanks to the advancement of technology and new techniques it is possible to achieve unique preparations that guarantee a perfect final result. The origin of this type of plaster The well-known material was born in beautiful Italy, especially in Venice. It was the time of the Renaissance, and molding and carving was all the rage at that time, trying to get unique shapes that no one else had. How long does the venetian plaster last? Venetian plaster has several advantages that make it the most chosen today. But one reason explains its explosion in recent years: durability and resistance. Especially the plaster can last 50-70 years. In order for it to last that long, of course, it needs to be painted from time to time and as little maintenance as possible.


Thanks to the wide selection of curtains adaptable to any decoration, the material has become very versatile. Last but not least is the visual impact on those who see it. Elegance, good taste and sophistication are not only a matter of marble, but can also be achieved with this exotic wall finish. In conclusion, it is worth every penny because it provides a very beautiful and durable finish.

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