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microcement exterior floor


What is microcement?  ​ It is a cement coating that can be applied to both floors and walls and has a thickness between 2mm and 3mm, different from polished concrete. It does not need expansion joints and does not crack if it is applied correctly. ​ This new material has different benefits such as its easy and quick application on different types of surfaces. With the use of Pigments it can be applied in different colors in gray scale and other colors but can also be given different shades an textures.

Among its main beneffits are:

1. Does not add structural weight since its final thickness is 2 - 3 mm

2. It can be applied on existing floors without the need to demolish, except wood.

3. It can be applied on floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and more.

4. Due to its easy and fast application, it saves time.

5. Does not need expansion joints



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We have a wide range of Microcement depending of the projects needs and complexity, here you can find out more about each one.

- Microcement Colors and Textures

- Microcement For Bathrooms

- Microcement For Interior Floors

- Microcement for Kitchens

- Microcement For Exteriors

- Microcement for Walls

cemher microcement
topciment microcement

In the process of applying microcement, normally we consider the following steps: ​ ​

Step 1 Cleaning and preparation of the substrate: Since this material is applied in a very thin layer of up to 2mm, dust, dirt and grease should always be removed from the surface before applying the primer.


Step 2 Floor grinding(optional): Existing floor must be polished in order to facilitate bond and adhesion with the microcement coatings.

Step 3 Priming: This step is used as adhesion promoter; its function is to facilitate the bond between the existing substrate and the new coating.

Step 4 First Coat: We apply first coat of micro base to cover  , sand to smoothen surface


Step 5: 2 coats of Base are applied, sand to smoothen surface

Step 6: 2 coats of Medium grade are applied , sand to smoothen surface

Step 7: Apply 2 coats Pre sealer 

Step 8 Sealing: 2 Coats of sealer are applied to protect against abrasion, scratches, stains and sunlight.

We have plenty of experiencie working with these microcement brands

1. Cemher

2. Topciment

3. Hey Decco


5. Verscarete

6. Futurcret


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- Flexible

- Seamless

- UV Resitant

- Great Adherence

- Fire resitant

- Waterproof 

- Adaptable to different forms


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