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How to polish and crystallize a floor?

We all know that floors lose their shine over time and wonder how they can get it back?  We are going to tell you how.


To carry out a floor maintenance job, you must have the necessary equipment, the correct materials and the knowledge. ​ Although it may vary depending on the condition of the floor, this is a common process to restore the shine to your floors: ​


1. Make a diagnosis of the floor to determine what diamond materials you should use

2. In houses, it should normally start with a dimond pad Grit 30 to 100 dependind on the type of floor, although on some occasions it should be grinded with a metal bond diamond pad when the surface is in a very bad condition or when very deep stains exist.

3. After the initial polishing with a 50 to 200 grit pad , it should be polished again with #400 and #800 diamonds. 

4. The finish can be achieved with a natural or artifical look. Natural shine can be achieved by means of polishing up to a 3000 grit or floors can be treated with crystallizer or sealer.

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