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Concrete Finishing by Power Trowel

The goal of troweled concrete is to create a smooth, dense, hard surface. This is done just after pouring the concrete- The troweling process improves the abrasion resistance of the concrete surface and as a result the floor will have a low water-cement ratio. ​ ​

The mechanical leveling is carried out with trowels and it begins when the excess humidity has disappeared and when it does not present a sticky visual state. The ideal waiting time to start the troweling process depends on the concrete mix and the atmospheric conditions of the site.

The process is done following a systematic pattern or technique and normally requires 2 to 4 passes to achieve compaction of the aggregates. Additionally, a waiting time must be given between each pass to allow the concrete to harden and allow the water to disappear. A good practice is to tilt the blades with each pass as the blades will exert pressure as the surface hardens.

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