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Wood Floor Restoration

Characteristics and types of wooden floors ​

Wooden floors are a hard and resistant solution, which is why they are an excellent option when building or decorating. Among the benefits that we find in wooden floors is warmth and elegance, additionally they have the ability to protect from the cold and maintain a temperate climate inside the rooms.

Wood has been used for a long time and is still in use; its composition, versatility in finishes, texture and colors allow to satisfy different needs and budgets. Thanks to the new treatments that have been given to wooden floors, they can also be installed in bathrooms or outdoors without being damaged by moisture.

There are different types of wood floors that can be used indoors or outdoors and are as follows: Laminate floors (pvc, spc) or natural wood or solid wood floors and wooden decks.

Below we will explain the process, the characteristics of each of the wooden floors so that you know about its composition, resistance and use.

The process for sanding and finishing wooden floors is:

1. We offer advice regarding the process that is recommended to be carried out on the floor.
2. Together with our client, planning is defined since many times the houses are occupied.
3. At the beginning of the process, to remove deep scratches and old paint, the floor should be sanded starting with #50 sandpaper and sometimes the entire floor should be grouted. This process is done with a special machine for wood that has dust control. 
4. Subsequently, sandpaper #80 #100 and #120 is used.
5. Sandable sealer is applied.
6. The final finish is given with lacquer in 2 coats, satin or higloss according to requirements.

Laminate flooring
These are a type of floor that are used in places where there is little flow of people and for the interior of a home. This flooring is capable of resisting wear, stains and fading. ​ ​

wooden deck
Decks are surfaces that were previously installed inside houses, but due to their properties to resist the impact of the weather, they are now also used outdoors, swimming pools, gardens, among others.

Hard wood floors


Hard wood floors can provide one of the most resistant floors for a home, they give a very different finish versus other floors because the grains usually have unrepeatable patterns, which means that one table is never the same as another. Hard wood flooring is an excellent thermal and sound insulator, has a significant degree of elasticity and is recommended for any type of climate.


When installing them, they must be lacquered, then they must spend hours without being stepped on so as not to leave a mark on them. Another advantage is that they can be restored, something that extends the useful life of these floors.


​At Top Floor Solution we specialize in the maintenance and restoration of wooden floors. We offer advice and specialized service for wooden floors sanding. We have trained personnel for this process, we offer guarantees on our services and we have affordable prices compared to the market. ​ If you are looking for an expert to help you bring your floors back to life,  contact us to request your service.

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