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Floor Maintenance in Miami

In houses and businesses we can find different types of floors to which we can restore or carry out a maintenance and remove stains such as marble, granite, terrazzo, vinyl, wood, concrete and stoneware. You can choose between these according to need or simply for aesthetics. Here we will tell you where and how they are normally used and their main characteristics.


It is a type of material composed of limestone rocks, with uniform coloration and is veined or variegated. Its use is common in luxurious houses, apartments and offices. Over time, it loses its shine and it is ideal to shine it to return it to its optimal state. Contact us to learn more about marble floor maintenance.














It is a type of material that comes from rocks such as quartz and mica. It is heavy-duty and ideal for high traffic, making it durable and easy to maintain. At Top Floor Solution we carry out terrazo floor maintenance.



Normally we find 2 types of wood floors, natural wood and laminate floors. Natural wood consists of parts that fit together, for its maintenance, they must be polished and varnished to maintain its functionality and aesthetics. They are in the form of boards, parquet and deck which is used outdoors.

                                          Click here to learn more about our services for hardwood floors


On the other hand, we have laminate floors, which are made of pressed wood in MDF or HDF, which is a more compact and dense wood, which tells us which one to use if it is for residential or high-traffic use. For low traffic it is recommended to use 6 mm, 8 mm for moderate and 10 to 12 mm for high traffic.



The use of cement and microcement floors is a strong trend due to its beauty and easy maintenance. It has an industrial and modern appearance and has established itself as a widely used material in homes and offices. To preserve its aesthetics, it is recommended to maintain the concrete floor.


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